Tuesday, April 22, 2014

**(CT Tutorial for S&CO)** Spring by Pandora Creations and Designs by Joan

This tutorial was written by me on April 21, 2014. Any likeness to another tutorial is purely coincidental.

Supplies Used:

BG-Background Layer
DS-Drop Shadow
CP-Copy & Paste

(Working from the bottom up)

Using mask and paper 9 create the BG Layer. Apply Radiance. Create new layer. Fill with Black. Overlay paper and mask.

Open paper 5. Using the rectangle marquee tool crop the grass. CP to the bottom

Open E55. Using the rectangle marquee tool, crop the upper portion. CP to the bottom. Rename(Cropped E55). Add DS, Duplicate

Place E23 on the left. Add Perspective, DS

Place E16. Add Perspective, DS, Duplicate to the right

Open E47. Use the rectangle marquee tool and crop the grass on the left. CP grass. Add DS, Duplicate

Place E72. Add Perspective, DS

Place and position E74. Add Perspective, DS
Place the following. Add Perspective, DS and Duplicate Each(to your choice)

Open tube

Click (Cropped E55) Layer. CP Tube. Apply Radiance, Perspective, DS

Next to the tube. Place E68,69,4,67. Add Perspective, DS To each

Place E43, 50. Add DS to each

Place E28, 22. Add Perspective, DS, Duplicate each

Place E56 in front of tube. Add Perspective, DS

Click (Cropped E55) Layer. Place E70 between tube's fingers. Add DS

Click the BG Layer. Place E10. Duplicate
Place E82, Duplicate
Click Layer E23.,Place E75

Add all copyrights and texts

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